Autor Terms and Conditions

Why should you choose us?

That’s easy! We offer high quality services at affordable prices!

We love talking about books, interacting with others that share our passion, so we will encourage a lot of discussions and create buzz around your book.

We have a variety of services that you can choose from, starting with graphics and bookmarks to blog tours with unlimited participants.

We have a strong community of tour hosts that is ready to share your book!


Author Terms and Conditions


  1. For Cover Reveals and Book Blitzes, we need the information at least one month ahead. This will give us time to send out the notifications out to our team of bloggers.
  1. We will do our best to promote your book among our hosts, by maintaining a close relationship, sending out notifications and reminders, but we are not responsible for their time and actions. If they manage to post their article as scheduled, it is much more up to them than to us.
  1. For all events, payment needs to be done before the sign-up document is sent out to our bloggers.

We do appreciate and respect your work and we ask you to please understand that preparing the info for a tour or other service requires time, effort and planning from our side as well. Before the start of the event:

  • We will prepare a detailed planner of our activities;
  • We will prepare a banner;
  • We will add a promo article on our page;
  • We will promote the event among our bloggers and our social media;
  • We will prepare a sign-in form for our team of hosts.

During the event:

  • We will promote our bloggers’ articles;
  • We will interact and start discussions based on your book;
  • We will make sure that the bloggers remember to post their articles on Goodreads or Amazon.
  1. We strongly recommend to our authors to get involved in the discussions or even offer incentives. A popular author is definitely more successful.

IBT Team